Lidl to introduce autism friendly quiet evenings

Lidl to introduce autism friendly quiet evenings Autisme Aware Store leaflet / Lidl via FB

Lidl has anounced that it is implementing Autism Aware Quiet Evenings across all 194 Lidl stores in Ireland and Northern Ireland, after the success of the initial trial last year and the positive feedback received from customers. Stores will begin implementing these sensory adjustments from April 2nd every Tuesday between 6pm and 8pm and the full roll-out is expected to be completed across all stores in May.

Those sensory adjustements include:

- Reduced lighting

- No in-store announcements

- No music

- Priority queueing for customers dealing with autism as well as extra assistance upon request

- Till scan sounds lowered

- Autism assistance dogs always welcome

Lidl has been working with charities to ensure the evenings fit customer's needs, but the German discount retailer is now calling out to registered Irish autism charities to get in touch if they would like to promote their work and raise awareness of autism by speaking with customers at stores nationwide during the Autism Aware Quiet Evenings. Any charities interested should contact Lidl for full details.

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